Crit   / krit /   (noun or verb)
Shortened form of "critical roll": To roll the highest or lowest possible result on the dice when taking an action in a role-playing game, resulting in the best or worst possible outcome, respectively.

Epic Crit   / ˈepik krit /   (noun)
To crit during the most dramatic part of a game session, resulting in a roleplaying moment you'll be talking about for years.

What is this site?

Epic Crit is a blog and game design studio dedicated to creating awesome tabletop RPG experiences. We make and blog about tabletop games, gaming supplements and the things that inspire our games such as music, art and literature.

Most importantly, in everything we do, we strive to create those epic moments in tabletop gaming that make this hobby such an incredible pastime. Those hair-raising, bone-chilling, jaw-dropping, table-flipping moments when the players and the dice interact with the narrative in incredibly profound ways, creating heroic epics and tragedies that will go down in gaming story annals for eternity.

In short, we believe every game mechanic should serve the same function as the epic crit: to make the game as awesomely fun as we can possibly make it.

Authors and Designers

Dean Baker

Long-time gamer, writer, educator and metal-head. I live in Seoul, Korea, which is basically like living in a cyberpunk novel.

RPGs: Burning Wheel, OSR, Traveller, Apocalypse World, My Life With Master, Spirit of the Century