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Bring it on, 2020!

Wow, it's the new year already, and I haven't posted for months. Figured it's high time I dial in with an update and a roundup of 2019 to bring in 2020. 2019 was a busy and eventful year, to say the least: In the spring, I helped my good friend Aurelién Lainé launch a Kickstarter for his RPG book Koryo Hall of Adventures . It's a D&D 5e campaign setting with a great fantasy Korea theme. He pulled in over $50 thousand, and it's looking like he'll have some really beautiful art for his book. Excited to get my cloth-bound special edition once it finally prints early this year. I also helped Aurelién with some game design this summer. I edited a good part of the primary mechanics for Koryo Hall of Adventures, and I wrote mechanics for some key parts of the game system. Specifically, I designed a detailed shaman class called the Mudang that involved creating an entirely new magical system for calling on spirits. It's a huge chapter, and I'm quite prou