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[Mouseling Guard] I'm running a Mouse Guard campaign for my 3-year-old

It started last year when she was two and a half. I busted out my 2nd edition Mouse Guard boxed set and showed my daughter Zoe the artwork. When she saw the fun picture dice, the map and the mice, she was instantly into it. I didn’t actually think she would (or could) play, but on a whim, I told her it’s a game and asked if she wanted to try. Of course! So I showed her the New Missions book and had her pick one of the pre-generated characters. Kenzi the Mouseling Guard She chose Kenzi. I copied a few basic stats onto a fresh character sheet and let her color her sheet’s cute mouse picture as I prepared some ideas for her first adventure. For those who don’t know Mouse Guard, it’s a role playing game based on  the comic book series of the same name  by David Petersen.  The RPG is designed by Luke Crane , largely based on his cult classic indie game Burning Wheel with some variations that served as inspiration for Torchbearer. It’s a beautiful masterpiece, incredibly fun t

Ultraviolet Grasslands: Go psychedelic, OSR-style

Guest post by Joseph Brady This Kickstarter is harkening back to the hallucinogenic tie-dye, post-apocalyptic, mind-warping era of  Heavy Metal ,  Fantastic Planet , and, well, substance abuse. Labeling itself as one part  Oregon Trail  and one part  Dying Earth , players know from the outset that that’s exactly what they’re getting into. What is It All About? This is set up as a sandbox campaign with ample interesting locales, which has really lived up to, even embraced, its theme. This is a world where powerful cats rule a nation, elves are diseased humans being gradually mentally unraveled and called into the mists of the forest never to return, insects may rewrite an organism’s basic purpose or perhaps even their soul, and those who are many are yet one collective. Also: werepug. You want an absolutely over-the-top campaign setting? UVG has you covered in spades. And remember: Oregon Trail. Throughout this entire bizarro landscape, the PCs really do have to ramble alon

The Koryo Hall of Adventures: Reputable one-shots

Guest post by Joseph Brady A couple of weeks ago, I was casually going over Forgotten Realms lore, as one does, and discovered that there was a Koryo (the old name for Korea) on Faerûn. I have been living in Korea for over ten years now, so I got rather overly excited and began dreaming up a big project to fill in the lore for a campaign setting based in Koryo. Then, just last week, I discovered that another expat in Korea by the name of Aurelién Lainé had already done everything I had dreamt up and, as it appears, much, much more. With a finished manuscript for his Koryo-inspired campaign setting and a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign just around the corner, Lainé is sadly the clear winner: I have to hang up my gloves on this one. So, with my dreams dismally dismissed, even feeling a bit put out, I decided to do the next best thing: check out Aurelién’s setting and review it. :) Which Koryo? I started this on a bit of a confusing point; Lainé’s campaign setting is not th